What makes Haloscope different than other publications?


Haloscope is a platform solely by (+ for) young creatives, dedicated to promoting unity, community, and liberation through the arts. Thru a mix of art, news, op-eds and creative writing, Haloscope serves as an alternative outlet for Gen-Z and young millennial creators. 


How can I get involved with Haloscope or apply to be a staff member?


If you'd like to work with us, you can read more about our submissions process here.


Do you pay contributors?


At the moment, no. We're a volunteer-run publication. If you're looking to help us pay our stuff, consider dropping us a line.


Does Haloscope offer any internships?


Unfortunately, we do not offer any internships at the moment. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on opportunities to contribute and work with us.


After submitting my piece, when should I hear back?

We try our best to curate entries that best fit HS and we notify all of the entries within a few days after the deadline. As we're a small team, pouring through submissions may take about 2-3 weeks before any notifications are sent.


I want to advertise with Haloscope. Who do I contact?


For brand partnerships or advertising proposals, please contact Editor-in-Chief/CEO Savannah Bradley at s.eden.bradley@gmail.com. Please note that our press kit is available upon request.


Where can I buy Haloscope merch?


Coming sooner than you think— stay tuned. 


How can I get featured for a spread or interview?


For any feature inquiries, please contact our Outreach Director, Gabrielle Vaillancourt, at gaxbbs@gmail.com.





Whether it's a site issue or a question not covered in the FAQ, feel free to fill out the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP.



We're always available for collaborations. Our press kit is available upon request only. Please drop us a line here.