big pants, small comeback

Whether it be Emos, Jerkers, Shufflers, Rockstars, or whoever else, skinny jeans have been popular in many sub-cultures and a huge part of fashion since the 2000’s, constricting male genitalia tighter than the most would like and inspiring songs like "Cricketz" by New Boyz and the ever-so-classic Tyga. These slim fitting pants have been at the forefront of fashion’s blueprint for how our pants should fit ever since they pushed baggy jeans and XXXL T-Shirts to the curb.

But recently there has been a rise in wider leg pants in the high fashion world that has trickled down in some form, like a cropped flared pant trend in women's fashion along with other styles seen since the 70’s. Although people looking for a comfortable work pant or functionality have been wearing looser pants forever, it is only until recently that and fashionistas have considered getting those bell bottoms or relaxed flared jeans from their attic and rock them since the skinny jeans trend came about. And, with Bella Hadid seen walking through New York with bell-bottoms, the style may come back fully in women’s fashion if more designers embrace the vintage look.

Men’s fashion, on the other hand, has slowly taken a liking to looser fitting pants in hopes of creating a comfortable or utilitarian style, and to get away from nut-hugging skinny jeans, as if they were a trend for little boys to play with. Although skinny jeans are still a trend among younger people, styles like those of E.Tautz relaxed wide legged jeans are slowly gaining traction amongst a maturing but adventurous fashion crowd, and being adopted into styles made for the younger crowd like Virgil Abloh’s Off-White label.

And I don’t  mean JNCO sized jeans when I say loose pants or wide legs- although they have been recently revamped and you can buy them in 2017 - anything from 501’s straight fits to JNCO’s  (if you’re really into that) applies.

It’s not big news that skinny jeans aren't as popular as they were a few years ago, but it is interesting and refreshing to know that we could be seeing people wearing something other than destroyed skinny jeans and joggers. It’s just a matter of time before we see people making fun of others for having their jeans too skinny again instead of having them too loose.

And to be honest, I like baggy jeans when they are done right and I kind of yearn to see Girbaud’s come back in style. And with True Religion filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, there might be some room open for someone to take up. For now, the closest you can get to a baggy jean trend in men’s fashion is the recent rise in people wearing Rothco BDU cargo pants but that is slowly turning into a hypebeast trend, usually worn along with a box logo supreme tee. Although there isn't anything wrong with hypebeasts, because without hypebeasts we wouldn't want to stop seeing the same trends for too long and get tired of them, eventually cycling them out for new styles


Whether or not you like having your pants cover your shoes, that may be something you have to start seeing more often just like we have to see side-pipe and cameltoes.

Bulgarian born designer Kiko Kostadinov has brought functionality to his designs, as he grew up in a working class and incorporated that into his utilitarian clothing. Some of the reasons for big pants coming back is less for style points but more for the practicality and use of the clothes which is a change from the unnecessarily flashy and impractical styles of today. Just like his duty at Mackintosh is to create fashionable and functional jackets, he and other designers set out to do the same with pants. Maybe everyone is getting old and becoming less accepting of younger people's styles. I feel like it's about time we see skinny jeans gone, although I don't think that will happen.

Whatever the case may be, designers are slowly but surely bringing wider legs and looser fits to the runway again, giving hope to the well- endowed and older crowd. ✉

article by: javier mencia



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