cartenega consumption: a video diary

Staff Creative Claudine Julien documents her trip to Columbia while also grappling with creative idiosyncrasies.

A couple of months ago I heard this phrase: “Consume Less, Create More.” As a creative who, at the time, had been spending countless hours in a dark room, underneath a comforter, intaking a high dosage of memes each day, I knew that I wanted to make a change. I swallowed these four words and made it my point to make it a part of every aspect of my life… what I was eating, how I spent my time, my relationships with people- all had a new meaning after I discovered this new mantra of mine.

Consume Less, Create More. Consume Less, Create More. Consume Less, Create More.

It was taking over my life. I always knew that I wanted to travel- “creating” memories in different places. This year I told myself I would do more of just that, and it wasn’t really until then that I realized that within creation comes consumption. Now that I was in a new space, how could I not consume all that it had to offer? From the street food, to the love these perfect strangers had shown me, these South American sunsets... all I could really offer was my smile and appreciation.

I knew I had to stop this one-sided way of thinking just because I heard a YouTuber say it and it was working out for her. What I have realized is that sometimes you have spells where you can just consume, and as long as you realize where you are and what you’re doing, that’s okay. It is. Consumption, in and of itself, is not inherently a bad thing.

On this trip to Cartagena, Colombia, I got to follow my friends and their father on a visit to see their family, of which they haven't seen in over a decade. Getting to see all of them reconnect at the airport brought some real tears to my eyes. There’s a clip included in the final video where their grandmother is dancing with their dad; just in the few seconds of the clip you can see the look she gives him: a look of love and admiration (and one that always melts my heart). Moments like these are what makes this hobby of mine so rewarding- and makes me remember both the importance and beauty of the cyclical nature in regards to consuming and creating. The song is in the video is "Africano" by El Ejen and was recommended to me by my best friend’s dad from the video, who is a native of Catagena. ✉

Claudine is an artist based in South Florida. In the future, she looks forward to being able to travel the world without limits while creating content and eating her way through each country. You can find her at or on Instagram and Twitter.



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