dive into pauline rheims' visual landscapes

The French artist's new film SPECTACLE is an experimental masterpiece about recollection and forgotten memories.

23-year-old French artist Pauline Rheims is creating some of the most essential work in experimental film. "I'm interested in forgotten memories. Those who remain on USB keys. It [SPECTACLE] is a collection project that takes time— and in which I buy, often in flea markets, USB keys containing audio or visual files. The idea is to collect memories of anonymous people through fragments of everyday life to call upon a shared memory," Rheims says.

"SPECTACLE is a project resulting from this collection. It is a found video, which I projected and re-filmed in order to accentuate the ghastly character of the subjects present in the initial video. This video was filmed in order to keep track— it was intended to keep the memory of an event. The video image thus reprocessed then becomes a choreography of ghosts. What is now preserved is no longer the trace of the event, but the trace of the intention to keep an event. Everyone can then project other traces, other memories of intentions to preserve the past."

Rheims' earlier work, EXCURSION, shows the abyssal depths of one photographic image, laying the groundwork for what would become SPECTACLE. The music for the film, by GREITA and Antoine Serpent, loops and changes as the work plays on.

You can find more of Rheims' work on her website and on her Vimeo page.



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