florals? for spring? groundbreaking

Spring and Resort Wear season has begun, and high profile fashion shows are underway.

This year brands like Dior, are dominating the fashion world with fresh new takes on destination resort wear. The household name debuted their 2018 resort wear in the sunny Los Angeles desert. The artistic director for this collection was one year veteran of the Dior brand, Maria Grazia Chiuri. This year's collection is very unique and I have to say that I am absolutely In love with it! The western theme, with ancient motifs, is excellent for resort wear. It really turns resort wear on its head.  It’s very different from what one might expect for a spring collection. Very high standard to start out the season with, I hope the other resort designers can come up with designs just as thought provoking and delightful visual.

While I was researching for this post I immediately went to look at Dior’s spring collection because they’re one of my favorite brands. However, while I was scoping Vogue I stumbled across this designer whom I had never heard of. The brand Is Elie Saab. I’m sure fashion fanatics are screaming right now, because of my fashion ignorance. Her spring collection is quite literally of the best I've ever seen. For one, anytime there are sunglasses on a runway, I’m in, sign me up. These ladies are ethereal goddesses, walking down this runway. The lace, flowy dresses, and calf lengths aren't new ideas, they’re just classically re-done. No one does a better calf length dress than Chanel, but Saab’s take on the classic is breathtaking and simple.  I have to say that beige is one of my favorite colors, I always love how earthy the color feels. Really all shades of brown are quite pleasing to me, and I think it’s an understated color. However, this season it’s come back in all 3 of the designs I talk about. I love that brown, neutral colors are making a comeback, I am 100% here for it.

The last collection that caught my eye was Givenchy. I’m actually not the biggest fan of the brand but this collection really caught my attention. The detail in the dresses is superb. Again, we see neutral colors being featured. I love the ostrich feathers. Lace seems to be a pretty overarching theme this year as well.  

Overall, spring fashion was excellent, and these are just a fraction of collections that were released. I encourage everyone to research for yourself and learn more about fashion. I don’t know too much, but just by taking an hour and reading, and watching, I feel like I have an educated opinion now. ✉

article by: sawyer dixon

visual by: elie saab, givenchy, dior



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