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here are our thoughts on season one of Everything's Gonna Be Okay

Freeform's new comedy is a step in the right direction for queer and autistic representation on network TV.

The new Freeform comedy Everything’s Gonna Be Okay presents the story of the loss of a loved one from a lighthearted and bittersweet perspective. The off-beat comedy is centered around teenagers Matilda (Kayla Cromer) and Genevieve (Maeve Press), who have just lost their father due to cancer. Their step-brother Nicholas (Josh Thomas) chooses to take on the task of being Matilda and Genevieve’s new primary caretaker. This, of course, comes with many new challenges, being that Nicholas is a young man in his twenties who has never had the responsibility of looking after teenagers before.

There are several fresh, unique, and complex themes present; it expresses the idea that what makes a family is love, not blood or biological ties. Matilda and Genevieve are Nicholas’s step-siblings in America; though he isn’t their father, what strengthens the bonds of this new family is love, understanding, and hope. The comedy discusses the sacrifices people must make for those they care for. In this case, Nicholas leaves his life in Australia behind so that he can support Matilda and Genevieve in America.

The show also depicts the experiences of a girl with autism; Matilda faces various challenges throughout the season—losing a loved one, preparing for her first year of college—and the show doesn’t shy away from realistically portraying the differences between her and Genevieve’s day-to-day lives. These situations are hard for her, but she manages to overcome them and continuously develop as a strong female protagonist; Matilda is an admirable character, keeping her head high no matter what issues arise. She serves as a role model for young girls everywhere because of her strength and perseverance. Cromer fully embodies the role of Matilda and performs as though the character is a second version of herself.

A particularly interesting aspect of the TV show is the dynamic Nicholas has with his boyfriend, Alex (Adam Faison). While Nicholas is an entomologist, Alex is more calm and relaxed; they are two very different people who manage to build a trusting, honest relationship. It’s encouraging to see that two people so different from each other can create an open and beautiful bond. It’s also impressive that Nicholas can build this with someone directly after the loss of his father and it appears as though this helps him to find closure. Thomas and Faison have incredible chemistry on camera; both seem to have mastered their crafts and give believable performances.

Overall, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is a comedy that discusses a wide range of concepts. It reminds us that we need to have open minds in life and be more understanding of other people’s struggles. It’s also an entertaining show with very lovable characters. It is available to stream on Hulu.

Britt Trachtenberg is an incoming freshman at SUNY Purchase. They are majoring in creative writing and their favorite author is Mary Oliver.



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