in this moment: a poem

She and I share the same flashing sign

Both feel a love that the world deems as wrong

She has her girlfriend, and I have mine

But we both hear the music of a Sapphic song

In this moment, we are friends

A fight breaks out in the middle of class

People debating our right to be exist

Our eyes lock, our bond turns to brass

And we both feel the other’s heart twist

In this moment, we are burning

A roar of a voice fills the room to its rafters

Colored like fire with hatred and rage

Lashing our love with its words and after

We put both our hearts in a steel metal cage

And in this moment, we are afraid

We skip down a street where our neon is  wanted

Stripes of bright color on windows and flags

Not a trace of the people whose hearts are both haunted

Catching float-prizes inside of our bags

And in this moment, we are alight.

poem by: lorie simonian

visual by: igor pjörrt



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