listen to chelsea collins' new single “water run dry”

The non-conformist producer, classical pianist, guitarist, and songwriter finds herself in an offbeat Barbie fantasy.

The track, a collaboration with rapper 24KGOLDN, is a flurry of sonic color and light, and imagines Collins as a made-to-perfection Barbie-inspired doll where she hypnotically turns a future break up story into a creepy but whimsical pop anthem.

A Bay Area-born producer, classical pianist, guitarist, and songwriter, Collins' (@chelseacollinss) lyrics are dizzyingly melodic, all while paying homage in her beats to production idols Max Martin and Kanye West. Whether her alluring characters and visuals for recent Nat King Cole-inspired “Used to be (L.O.V.E.)," or her homage to pop stardom in "07 Britney," Collins is spearheading the renaissance of 2000s pop— with a slick and glossy production on top of it.

You can watch the full Damien LaChapelle-inspired video above (dir. Roxana Baldovin) or stream it below:



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