put a shirt on, your feelings are showing

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

A poem by Nneka Nnagbo.

Something kind of lukewarm ended recently in my life. It wasn't hot. Didn't set my soul on fire quite like it should've. It was lacking in spark. But I liked it. Having it around on weekends was especially nice. Saturday mornings at 6AM with the sun rise.

I hate it when consistently decent things end. You get into a habit with something. Get used to the way it feels. The way it smiles. The way it laughs. The way it blows smoke. The way you cough when you blow smoke around it. They way it laughs at the way you blow smoke around it.

It's always nice having a consistently decent thing around in the summer. And this summer it planned to be around. But the Scorpio moon knows best and she put an end to our year-long saga of lackluster chemistry and dancing around our feelings. I do love it when consistently decent things share music with me though. The good kind of music. Even if our thing was a fling, the music was worth every bit of the "breakup".

A gluttonous consumption of something mild and mellow. A lust that should have burned twice as hot as the sun. We mindlessly indulged in each other's appetizing splendour. Your blue eyes charmed. Our run was fun. ✉



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