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sammy brue on his upcoming album CRASH TEST KID

We talked with singer-songwriter Sammy Brue about his upcoming album, tour, and how he finds inspiration.

Utah-born Sammy Brue released his debut album, I Am Nice in 2017, followed by a tour opening for The Marcus King Band. His newest project, Crash Test Kid is set for release on June 12th and I had the chance to talk with him about his new music, tour life, and the inspiration behind the record.

Haloscope: How would you introduce yourself to readers who may not know you?

Sammy Brue: I am a singer-songwriter, touring musician, and an overall artist who likes to spread feelings to people.

HS: You’re relatively young and already have quite a large following, with over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, how do you balance your career and life as a teenager?

SB: Yeah, I just turned 19 not too long ago but I've been pursuing music since about 12 years old so my life as a teenager has been a whirlwind of emotions for a while. Sometimes I get really sucked into anxiety about the future and just doubt if I'm even making the right decisions, but on the other side of that, music has brought moments of joy so strong that it's made me cry, so it's all worth it in the end. But, when times are tough, I’m able to just make random street art and hang out with my family, so I couldn't ask for anything more.

HS: So, you were recently on tour with Marcus King Band, what was that like and what was the best part?

SB: This recent tour with MKB was my first time ever touring Europe, so just that alone was insane. Being able to see places I've never seen and talking and playing to attentive people every night was a treat, but, I'd say my favorite part was meeting and befriending MKB. By the end of that tour, I felt a strong connection with that whole crew and it was hugs all around!

HS: What are some of your essentials when you’re on the road?

SB: Music equipment is definitely on the top of the list! I think we've all learned that the hard way at one point or another. My journal is a must because it's the only thing that keeps me sane. But, really when the tour is just me, solo, I can tour with just a backpack and my guitar and I'm set. Off with the wind. A lil weed is nice too.

HS: Your new album, Crash Test Kid comes out June 12th, What was your creative process like while writing that album?

SB: The whole record really just started with some crazy personal thoughts about a slew of things like generations of people, drugs, society, nature, emotions and how different everyone is but yet, we are the same. Most of the time when I or anyone talks about these things, it sounds crazy. But, I was able to talk about this deeply with respected producer and co-writer of this record, Iain Archer. We had these conversations that I couldn't have had with other people and from that, we made some songs that I know I'm going to play for a big majority of my life.

HS: Did you see any difference in writing this new album compared to I Am Nice?

SB: The writing is very personal and from a first person view from me. Also, the co-writing thing was new to me but I just rode with it and I'm so glad I did.

HS: Is there any music you’ve been into that has inspired this album?

SB: I love folk music but my favorite band The Avett Brothers really showed me you can put rock attitude in acoustic music. Others like Jake Bugg, The Pixies, and The Las were big inspirations. For as long as I remember though, I've been high energy and I feel like it shows through in this record.

HS: What are you most excited for fans to hear from CTK?

SB: The live show— I cannot wait to play this record live to people!

HS: What (or who) has helped you get to where you are (musically or in life)?

SB: The list of people goes on and on, from the people who have thrown dollars in my suitcase when I was busking, to my team around me who really helps me make things happen. But,I don't know what I would do without my family. I always have someone to talk to when it comes to my parents and I'm privileged that they support me the way they do because not a lot of parents do that. That's why I try to support as many people as I can or at least just lend an ear.

HS: Is there anything you’ve been working on while we’re all stuck inside?

SB: Just a lot of demo recordings in my room and making art with my fam! I would love to be touring constantly around the country or world but this feels nice.

HS: Finally, is there anything else you want to add or say to your fans, or anything you want anyone who is reading this article to know?

SB: I love you, don't put up with shit, work hard, be kind, and T.H.C.

Make sure to pre-save Crash Test Kid here and stream it when it comes out on June 12th.



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