the re-emergence of lorde

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, or more formally known as artist Lorde, addressed the bullshit of pop music with her debut album Pure Heroine, and succeeded that with leaving for four years to create Melodrama.

The standard was set high for Melodrama as Lorde took a lot of thought and detail into creating this album (hell, it took four years). Not only that, but it would be hard to beat an album like Pure Heroine, and some are still unsure that she did. Nonetheless, her new vibe is an imperium for how extravagant, vibrant, and bittersweet her album is. Melodrama means a “sensational piece that appeals to the emotions,” which is exactly what Lorde thrived at.

Melodrama starts off with her hit “Greenlight”, which is a good introduction to the new era of Lorde. The song begins a new genre to describe Lorde’s adult experiences. She isn’t that 16-year-old anymore and that is exactly clear- she’s now a wonderful woman. She embodies the darkness poetically, especially in “Liability,” which captures pure and empty emotion.  

She creates a new sound as she ventures into a world of electro-pop music. It complements her raspy, mellow voice as she writes many details about her personal triumphant experiences. If there was one word to describe her whole album, it would be “personal.”

To get into detail, Lorde renovated and amended the classic “break up album” to be sensational. Multiple emotions are evident with the complexity and multi-dimensions in every song, as rightfully so. The best breakup albums are the ones that are more artistically and creatively poetic rather than having full clarity.  

There are many descriptions of self-love and new discoveries, which conventionally follows break ups, as well as less dependence on others, which Lorde learned as she voyaged through adulthood. This is clearly explored in “Hard Feelings/Loveless.” She describes it by saying, “I care for myself the way I used to care about you.”

Lorde finishes the album with “Perfect Places” which, ultimately, wraps up the depth of the album. She doesn’t exactly know where she is going, but that is part of the experience. ✉

article by: kaitlin browne

visual by: the interns



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