the return of liam gallagher

Making his return to music in the form of an unlikely solo album, perennial Rockstar Liam Gallagher swaggers back onto the scene in the only way he knows how to, with a bang. The former frontman of British band Oasis, had been away from the public eye since his band Beady Eye split in 2014. Teasing us with Wall of Glass, the first single off his hyped up solo album ‘As You Were’, Liam Gallagher has whipped up excitement across generations of people.

Originally littering his Twitter feed with how he wouldn’t do a solo album because he isn’t one insult or another, 2017 sees the year of that solo album being released. Liam Gallagher’s reputation as a rebel has seemed to slow down since the 90’s but his attitude and memorable media interviews are still as iconic as ever. Whether it is clinching to the relevance of a Britpop feud with Damon Albarn or calling his brother Noel a potato, he has kept himself at the forefront of all major music publications for the past year. He’s earned his right. If he was a bitter old man at the age of 25 then he’s allowed to be a bitter old man when he is, in fact, an old man. Releasing Wall of Glass, he showed he wouldn’t be distancing himself much from that late Oasis sound. A strong return, with its unexpected funky instrumentals and classic melodic chorus, it’s reminiscent of the heyday of Liam Gallagher’s musical past. The song wouldn’t look out of place on Be Here Now with its heavy chorus and harmonicas. Getting a good reception all round, he showcased it live on TV at the Manchester benefit concert for the lives lost in the terror attacks. His live performance, seen by millions, generated a hype around his next releases that will soon come. He also performed classics such as Live Forever and D’ya Know What I Mean? His second release was the unannounced Chinatown, which surprised me as it wasn’t anything like he had put his vocals on before and I hoped his new album had more of these kinds of tracks. It’s filled with acoustic guitars and a bass drum complementing strange lyrics about yoga? The point is, it’s good stuff.

Showcasing other songs off his yet-to-be-released solo album at Glastonbury festival, his return to some kind of form has defiantly been confirmed. His voice is sounding the best it has in years and his stage presence is reminiscent of when he performed at the festival in 1995. His return will be welcomed by his adoring fans, less so by the victims of whatever slinging match he gets involved in in the press, and he will fit straight back into the place he left right at the top of his game. ✉

article by: jack wager



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