vibe down with ivorie's new single "bedrock" on our weekly playlist

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Alt-soul newcomer Ivorie makes music so good we'd happily float off into oblivion listening to it. His new single, "BedRock," opens this week's playlist; a sweltering three-minutes of reverberating guitar synths and trip-hop percussion topped with angelic vocals, the track meanders into a surreal dreamscape you can't help but get lost in forever.

"When I created the treatment for Bedrock, I knew I wanted to play with the idea of a love connection being severed, hence the telephone chords. It was important for me to also explore sensuality within the black male body through my own lens," Ivorie says.

Ivorie, a singer/lyricist from Richmond, Virginia, specializes in alt-soul. In his words, Ivorie says: "Soul is a wave of the soul that is rarely explored today in mainstream media. It’s not about having a banging beat or having a bop." His music focuses on not only his immense lyrical prowess but self-exploration through a stark sense of vulnerability. Ivorie's love for music, in his words, developed through watching his father, a guitarist/singer, and his aunt, a singer/lyricist, perform, both of whom were part of local bands in Richmond. At a young age, Ivorie observed the effects of music on people at these shows and vowed to make people “feel and heal."

Over eddying synth melodies, the song moves into sonic tunnels of light and sound with a reliably nimble touch, thanks to producer Osamu. The careful, sultry songwriting gives way to reminders of Blood Orange's Dev Hynes, and the glittery lo-fi hook feels like early bedroom pop staples- SALES, Steve Lacy- but less scrubbed for polish. Ivorie's voice and beat, at the end of it all, come from a glut of real owing.

He is inspired by an array of artists such as but not limited to Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse, Kimbra, Ji-Yeon, Akira Yamaoka, Aaliyah, and Beyoncé. Ivorie’s main objective in life, in his words, is to heal himself and others not only through his music but by living in his truth.

"Working with Sean (@thekingimage), we were able to bring those two concepts together in a cohesive way. My goal is always to show black men are sensual and attuned to our emotions in real, beautiful, and poignant ways," Ivorie says. You can follow Ivorie on Instagram and Twitter at the respective links to check out more of his work.

This week, you can listen to Ivorie's new track and more on our Best New Music playlist, including new stuff from Kim Petras, Angel Olsen, Silver Sphere, and much more. Enjoy!



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