Savannah Bradley is a 19-year-old award-winning writer, editor, and creative director from Charlotte, NC. Her work has appeared in Rookie Magazine, bedfellows, and the Columbia Review, and is the founder of sustainable fashion app Écologie. You can find Bradley ramble about Tori Amos at @savbrads.


Halima is a nineteen-year-old studying History in Southampton. She is the President of the Feminist Society, BAME Officer and wants to change the world. She loves fashion, words that make you cry and Omar Apollo.


Mary is a first-generation Ukrainian-American college student from the Chicagoland area. She enjoys cold brew, lo-fi and hip hop, concerts, and generating ideas and discourse with others. She has a vested interest in foreign and domestic policy and firmly believes in global citizenship. As a writer for Haloscope, she seeks to increase engagement and make culture and knowledge more accessible to the public.


Kaila Cherry is a nineteen-year-old writer and filmmaker based in the Bay Area of California. A lover and admirer of art in all its various forms, she aims to create works that hinge on realism and gives significance to the nuances of the everyday life. She likes the fact that her last name is a fruit because she knows she will never get confused for someone else. 


Abby is a charismatic, old soul who loves nothing more than photography, poetry, and her dogs. Raised in Nebraska, she will be moving to Chicago to attend Columbia College in the fall of 2019 to major in Photojournalism with a minor in Creative Writing. She likes skateboarding, listening to Queen on vinyl, and making her friends laugh every chance she gets. You can keep up with her on instagram @adoredabigail! 


Samuel Gee is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. 


Kylie Langley is a 17-year-old creative based in Central California. Her work consists mostly of vibrant photographs, videos documenting her world, and dream-like collages. Kylie has been practicing art since she was very young and is working on dipping into art mediums that differ from her current comfort zone. She spends most of her free time dancing alone in her room and picnicking with her friends. Kylie plans on building a career as an art director and planning art shows for teens run by teens in the near future. 


Lizzy Francis is a photographer based just outside of Boston. She focuses on capturing the authenticity of every moment, creating tangible memories through her camera lens. She also tends to create settings that enhance the characteristics of the subject, best representing them the way she sees them. Her passions include writing, reading, fashion, plants, and social justice. For more of her work check out her Instagram: @lizzyyfrancis.


Iya Perez is a Filipina creative whose works center mostly on her photography and writing. She has been experimenting with photography for most of her life while being socially sensitive. More than that, she would like to be considered as an artist, but to be considered as a storyteller is the best way to put it. 



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