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we're always available for collaborations. our press kit is available upon request only. please drop us a line here.

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Haloscope uses Shapiro for any/all titles. 

our monthly theme




Maybe when you hear spirit, you think of phantoms, or maybe you think of yourself. We’re thinking and talking about both this month- both the real and invented ideas of passion, teamwork, fighting for what we believe in, hard work, burnout, rejuvenation, and taking care of our souls.

We're looking for articles, personal essays, creative writing, photography, art, music, comics, et cetera that tackles this idea above. For any questions you may have, feel free to email us at haloscopemag@gmail.com.

Before anything else, check out our Submit page for our additional guidelines.

We’re looking for work that confronts this idea to the left and dissects it. Here's our idea list of articles we're looking for; bolded titles correspond to ideas that are relevant to this month's theme.


Visually, we’re looking for oranges, reds, yellows and pale greens, blurry hazes, ghastly imagery; taking the first leap off the diving board; team spirit, teen spirit, and spirits all around. 

All articles, music, visual submissions, etc. need to be sent to haloscopemag@gmail.com. Literary work should be sent to thehaloscopereview@gmail.com.