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Combing Through The Archives At Little Sister NYC

We spoke with vintage reseller Megan Miller of Little Sister NYC about her sartorial influences, curatorial process, and love for archival runway.


When she’s not collecting seashells or capturing pictures of sunrises in South Florida, 24-year-old Megan Miller is sifting through racks of vintage clothes for her New York City-based womenswear resale page, Little Sister NYC. Miller’s presence on Instagram has transcended the platform, with her tousled brown hair, berry-hued lips, and Y2K outfits reposted on Pinterest for thousands of girls to use as a vision of aspirational self-expression and fashion inspiration. Now, Miller is reimagining Instagram’s role in her life — using the app to sell her carefully curated collection of playful ‘90s deadstock. With an emphasis on preserving the past and an appreciation for the possibilities of whimsical fashion trends to come, Little Sister delicately reconfigures what it means to have personal style in the digital age.


ED: Your personal Instagram page, @girlbimbo, has garnered a large following — I imagine this has a lot to do with your style. How do you feel today about your public identity being attached to your fashion taste? Has this changed over the years?

MM: As Instagram has changed through the years, I find myself caring a lot less about documenting anything... even my favorite outfits. I definitely try to keep a healthy relationship with social media by being on more of a what feels good in the moment basis. In turn, it has been incredible to have Little Sister as an outlet of personal style without directly having my face and body involved.

ED: You’ve always had such a unique eye for pieces and patterns that go together when it comes to your personal closet. What made you decide to take it a step further and start reselling vintage designer in 2022?

MM: Thank you! I started collecting and sourcing as a teenager, which never really actualized [into] anything until I very suddenly had an Oh! moment. Like, selling and curating is a thing I can actually do because I'm already doing it. When I started working on the first drop, the branding and styling came together so organically through the collection I already had on hand and [I] was so inspired by [it].

L-R: Miu Miu SS00 bag, vintage French gingham miniskirt, Hysteric Glamour “Evil Woman” skirt

ED: I know that you’re originally from South Florida. How has living in NYC changed your current style? What elements of your style are nods to Florida?

MM: I find myself in the most random outfits when I’m in Florida. Mostly because it is always 95 degrees outside and a typical day for me is spent driving to the beach, waiting at the taco truck, and then sitting in the sun with my dogs. Think: my favorite pair of blue plaid Italian men’s beach shorts with a big vintage tee that probably says something stupid on it; an antique 1900s cotton dress with a hat I stole from my dad’s closet; lots of ballet flats and high socks at the beach (NOTE: I hate sandals). Everything is paired with a bikini and sunglasses. I love sunglasses... I just got a pair of big Chanel logo sunglasses that I think are silly. 

I think I have garnered confidence and a carefree attitude in my style [while] living in NYC. It is the same style in both places, but you can wear something ridiculous and no one looks twice. I prioritize comfort, yet still find myself pulling down my skirt on a Citi Bike or [getting] blisters walking the Williamsburg Bridge in boots.

ED: Who is your ultimate fashion inspo?

MM: This photo of Sofia Coppola in a Hysteric tee and denim skirt on the set of Marie Antoinette is a pretty good summary… Uptown Girls starring Brittany Murphy was super formative for me, also Parker Posey in style and attitude. 

I recently cut my hair super short so I’ve been looking towards ‘90s Winona Ryder, Milla Jovovich, and Shannyn Sossamon. I was fully inspired by my friend Sav’s IG account to find this pair of y-3 polka dot ballet trainers that I’ve been wearing every day.

L-R: Brittany Murphy on the set of 𝘜𝘱𝘵𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘎𝘪𝘳𝘭𝘴 (2003), Winona Ryder in the ‘90s (undated), Sofia Coppola on the set of 𝘔𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘦 𝘈𝘯𝘵𝘰𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦 (2006)

ED: Now, let's get into some more technical details. What do you look for when you’re collecting pieces to resell? Are you searching for specific brands, clothing construction, pieces that evoke a certain feeling?

MM: I honestly look for anything my friends or I would want to wear. It has been a great practice in letting go of incredible pieces! I also get super inspired by the sweetest girls who model for Little Sister. They are always so excited to see what we are shooting which gets me inspired to source for the next drop ASAP.

From a brand perspective, I find I am mostly called to Miu Miu, Hysteric Glamour, Prada, Blumarine, and Anna Molinari. Some other personal favorites are Comme Des Garçons and Sonia Rykiel.

Little Sister has been growing [along] with my own personal style and it is pretty evident looking through the archive. It is youthful but maturing with a love of color and patterns that I hope remains cheeky but timeless in style. I’ve really enjoyed sourcing more archival and runway pieces. I’ve been obsessed with and searching for anything from Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini SS 2000 — I finally found an amazing dress coming in a drop this month.

L-R: Commes des Garçons sweater, Miu Miu SS98 cowhide wallet, Hysteric Glamour “Evil” Sweater

ED: I’ve noticed a major ‘90s and early aughts influence throughout your drops. Do you have a thematic through-line when you upload new pieces to sell?

MM: No consistent concrete themes or plans... I try not to plan anything out and it is just what I am loving in the moment. I am currently working on a beach/bikini drop which probably is what kept me going through NY winter.

ED: When you're sorting through vintage clothes at a thrift shop, is there a common item you're seeing? Why do you think these pieces are being resold?

MM: Lately I find there to be an emphasis on durability and quality as opposed to an obvious vintage aesthetic in style — which is incredible, but can be difficult to achieve when there is so much SHEIN already on the racks at Goodwill. ‘90s mall brands like J. Crew and Banana Republic are great and durable in fabrication for life-long closet staples. One of my favorite sweaters is [a] second-hand J. Crew that I got for $4.

ED: What is a current trend that you’re noticing that you hate?

MM: I can't really think of one? This is a really basic answer, but anything inauthentic to the person who is wearing it.

ED: What’s a new brand that you're into right now? What about it do you like?

MM: Moment For Life — it’s my lovely friend Sophie who is curating the most thoughtful archive. I might have to get the Hysteric 4-piece glass set. Ninabow is the sweetest girl making really fun pieces! I love polka dots and sequins. I’m excited to get one of the crowns she is coming out with soon. Brooke Callahan has perfect colors! I just got the purple pants and they will be a spring and summer staple.

L-R: Marni FW01 silk dress, Miu Miu FW03 top

ED: Are there any pieces you own that you will never get rid of?

MM: My mother’s Bitch necklace charm I never take off. She got it while working at a kiosk in the mall in FL when she was in high school. Obsessed...

This Miu Miu FW 2003 top was a 21st birthday gift from my friend Ella — it has been so precious to see in my closet over the past few years. I had a difficult time letting go of this Marni FW 2001 silk dress, too.

ED: Is there anything we haven’t touched on that you’d like to mention? Any new projects?

MM: I have a pop-up at Vaux Shop the last weekend of April! I’m currently plotting to share a pop-up showroom space this summer with Sophie of Moment For Life. I’m also thinking of extending Little Sister NY to menswear… Little Brother? Little Mister? 🌀


Erica DeMatos is a writer, editor, and student based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Find her on social media at @erica_dematos.


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