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HALOSCOPE is a digital/physical platform by (and for) young creatives, with news on art & culture, music, film, style, sex, and politics, along with original writing and art.


In 2017, as a junior in high school, Editor-in-Chief Savannah Bradley (Rookie  magazine, Guided, Things) decided to establish her own publication after an arts magazine she wrote for folded. The idea behind  HALOSCOPE was simple: a truly digital community for Gen-Z creatives that was experimental,  reflexive, and self-aware. Soon after, HS evolved from a zine to an international platform, with staff members and contributors from over 30 countries submitting their work and helping us with this grand experiment. 

We're fully independent and have been since our inception; we take writing, art, photography, music, videos, and other forms of work that don't fall into one considerable category. Limits do not exist because we don't allow them to. 

We’re for getting angry, for  taking up space, for lost friends, head hanging out the car window, skinning your knees on the pavement. For sneaking out to ride the subway all night and waking up at 2pm the next day. For confidence and anxiety and pure bliss. Pink boots and purple bustiers. For sex and rage. For challenging beliefs and breaking rules and the joys of Pedialyte. For books shoved under beds, made-up poems on the back of hands, chapped lips that taste like mango chapstick. What the city sounds like when you’re asleep, and what tomorrow feels like when you’re not waiting for the future. This is HALOSCOPE.


From day one, HS has had one singular goal: we strive to create a space in which young creatives can dissect ideas in an engaging, provocative way, through whatever medium they'd like. Whether you live in Los Angeles or London, HALOSCOPE is always open for you to work with us.