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Written in the Stars

AKA our sartorial predictions for 2024, determined by transits and the Tarot.


2024 promises to dawn a new era, thanks to our girls Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Astrologers believe that these three planets may cause significant shifts in our society and systems, aided by Jupiter’s good graces in her path through Pisces and Gemini. With no Venus Retrograde in 2024, the year promises to bring some sweetness — if only in all things beautiful and stylish.

If the stars are helping us build a new reality, what will this mean for our wardrobes? We consulted the big astrological markings of the year (and the Tarot!) to hopefully answer this question. Read on...

DECEMBER 21, 2023 to JANUARY 20, 2024


Capricorn season will welcome us with Mercury stationing direct on January 1st, 2024. While this is bound to bring release to our communications, if you’re an astrology fan, you will know that stationing direct does not mean an immediate green-light-go situation. It takes a little while post-retrograde for things to start moving forward at the speed we want.

The tarot card we drew for this season is The Star — an excellent symbol for poets, artists, and lovers of silky textures and see-through fabrics. 

(L) Peter Do SS24 — (R) Alberta Ferretti SS24

With Mercury in its post-retrograde shadow and the good omen of The Star, Capricorn season will likely be dominated by:

  • Slow fashion, or wearing and loving what we already own

  • Poetic tailoring, artful layering, and deeply serious texture play

  • Metallics styled unexpectedly



Aquarius is a sign known for its originality and its obsession with social causes — the rebel sign. At least when looking at the big picture, Aquarius season seems pretty quiet in the sky. It will likely give us space to highlight our individuality, which ironically may increase micro-trends as brands attempt to cater to as many people as possible. 

The tarot card we drew for this season is The Last Judgement, which sounds scary, but actually suggests forward growth: it represents an awakening, an opportunity to recognize personal triumphs, and a chance to reveal your true purpose in life. 

(L) Alexander McQueen SS24 — (R) Fashion East SS24

Aquarius season trends, therefore, have not come to play. We predict:

  • An emphasis on quality over quantity

  • Structured silhouettes, sharp lines, interesting proportions

  • Detail-oriented styling, looking for that one unique item, individualizing something everyone owns



Pisces season usually brings a lot of feelings — and 2024 will be no stranger to that. With Saturn, the giant of the rules, still transiting the sign of the watercolors and waterworks, things may be a bit more serious this year than in prior Pisces seasons. 

The Five of Swords is a card that represents unexpected defeat and unfair situations. It is a warning to stand up against adversity.

(L) Simone Rocha SS24 — (R) Coach FW23

In stylistic terms, we may respond to tougher circumstances by adorning ourselves and embracing our wardrobes as armor. Trends will likely include:

  • Aggressive bows, unexpected cutouts

  • Metallics and satins in outerwear

  • Ginormous bags to carry our Kleenex boxes

MARCH 20 to APRIL 19


In 2024, Aries season is also Eclipse season, which means that the usually impulsive and unpredictable nature of the season will be heightened. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra will highlight relationship issues (more on that later) and the Solar Eclipse in Aries will highlight issues with ourselves. It promises to be volatile and chaotic, bringing endings to cycles that began in 2023 — and also bringing us new beginnings. Mercury will retrograde for most of April, adding to the chaos that Aries season promises. 

We drew the King of Wands for this season: a masculine symbol of passion, intelligence, agility, and loyalty.

(L) Stella McCartney FW23 — (R) Bode FW23

Some trends Aries season may bring are:

  • An emphasis on  menswear, finding inspiration in garments traditionally designed for men but worn in unexpected ways

  • Popped polo collars

  • Warm tones and preference for gold over silver

APRIL 19 to MAY 20


Taurus season will be marked by Mercury stationing direct and Venus entering Taurus. With the planet of femmes and everything beautiful in one of its home signs, opulent aesthetic pursuits will flourish. With Uranus — the planet of change and upheaval — also in Taurus, we may find ourselves finding new ways of relating to nature; new forms of production; and alternative relationships to what comes from the ground, what we eat, and what we wear.

We drew the King of Swords for this season, which represents male authority, strategy, rationality, and leadership — but also holding grudges, disruptive power, and barbarity. 

(L) Prada SS24 — (R) Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2024

Sartorially, we believe this will manifest in:

  • Browns as our favorite neutrals, earthy tones

  • '80s power suits complete with briefcases 

  • Experimentation with materials, biologically-rendered plastics, alternative leathers, the marriage between fashion and science

MAY 20 to JUNE 20


In 2024, Gemini season will be blessed by the presence and generosity of Jupiter as it transits through the sign of communication, gossip, multitasking, and social butterflying. With the promise of expansion and exposure to new concepts and ideas, Gemini season will have us asking: what even is fashion? Why are some things considered wearable and others not? 

The Nine of Wands is the tarot card for this season, promising potential adversities, but also the courage and strength to overcome them. Struggles may come, but we will be ready for (figurative) battle, perhaps with joyful clothing in tow. 

(L) 16Arlington SS24 — (R) Erdem Pre-Fall 2024

Gemini's jubilant, bold spirit may appear in our wardrobes through:

  • Thorny roses and the color red

  • Tiny skirts, tiny dresses, tiny shorts, no pants — and pointy shoes

  • Glitter!

JUNE 20 to JULY 22


Cancer season makes us want to nurture and nest, and with Saturn stationing retrograde, we get cosmic permission to slow down, not work as hard, and focus on our relationships and health. Venus in Cancer will sextile Uranus, then enter Leo, promising boldness and maximalist self-expression — but perhaps with each of us redefining our personal definitions of maximalism. 

The Ten of Cups is traditionally described as a card that features “a well-dressed young couple” and two kids happily dancing beside them. It represents contentment, happiness, love, friendship, and joy. Shaking it up for Cancer season, this time the crying will be Happy Crying™.

(L) Mame Kurogouchi SS24 — (R) Courrèges SS24

For this season, we predict:

  • Head-to-toe, playful denim

  • Sculptural, body-hugging garments in buttery fabrics and sweet colors

  • Button-up shirt dresses

JULY 22 to AUGUST 22


Leo season often brings out the movie stars in all of us, but this year it will be sprinkled with a bit of Mercury Retrograde. As Mercury retrogrades through Virgo and Leo, we'll want to watch what we say, as it may be misinterpreted or seen as overly dramatic. Style mishaps may happen, but in the end, this experimentation will bring us closer to how we actually want to dress.

The Three of Pentacles promises craftsmanship, artistic skill, excellent DIY, and careful magical practices.

(L) Di Petsa SS24 — (R) Prada SS24

We predict:

  • The drama will be in the details: bold buttons, sleek cutouts, sheer fabrics expertly layered 

  • Mesh, fishnets, and mermaidesque textures 

  • Art-as-fashion, fashion-as-art, and the craft of personalizing our clothing at home



When Virgo season strikes, we get the urge to buy school supplies, sharpen our pencils, and get ready to say goodbye to leisurely summer days — even well into adulthood. If we fly too close to the sun in the summer of 2024, Virgo season will be a good time to apply aloe vera and practice good self-care — as Virgo season also brings the start of Eclipse Season no. 2, with a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces on September 17. This marks the end of a fantasy-filled summer and a climax in the dissolution of structures that began in 2023.

Temperance is, therefore, exactly what we will need. This card represents harmony, an internal union of our past and our present, adaptation, self-control, and moderation.

(L) N°21 FW23 — (R) Issey Miyake SS24

This will be reflected  in our wardrobes in the form of:

  • A closet cleanout —  circular fashion, trading clothes with friends, with a focus on practicality

  • Utilitarianism, back-to-school preppy, unforgettable trench coats

  • Ties, skirts layered over pants, outfits that mean business



With fairness and generosity, Libra season brings some much-needed harmony to the middle of Eclipse Season. This will be disrupted by the Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 2, which will bring out repressed emotions and act as a cleansing regarding our relationship patterns and habits. But if one thing is true about Libra season — it’s that we will crave beautiful things. 

The Magician brings about positivity, strength of will, decisiveness, and balance.

(L) Chanel Pre-Fall 2024 — (R) Richard Quinn FW23

We foresee:

  • Lavender, hazy textures, an emphasis on softness

  • Exaggerated pussybows, 1950s silhouettes

  • Neutrals in fun textures, feathers, polka dots



With the start of spooky season, we always crave all things Scorpio: overlined eyes, black cats, and candlelit nights. With a relatively quiet Scorpio season, we’ll have a proper chance to explore the shadowy parts of ourselves. 

We drew The Chariot for this season — a card that speaks to triumphant journeys and victory laps, opulence, and dominion.

(L) Maison Margiela FW23 — (R) Luis de Javier FW23

We think Scorpio season will be dominated by:

  • The spirit of punk, grunge, and BDSM aesthetics

  • Leather skirts and spiky shoulders

  • Clothing that casts visual illusions — waist-huggers, sculptural base layers, and more



Sagittarius is the season of travel and adventure, but in 2024 it will be joined by (you guessed it!) the last Mercury Retrograde of the year. A good reminder to not rush through it, Mercury will force us to slow down and double-check our plans. 

The Two of Swords features a woman in a white robe holding two swords with her arms crossed over her chest. It’s an omen of initiation, change, and finding harmony within one’s self.

(L) Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2024 — (R) Schiaparelli SS24

This Sagittarius season we will see:

  • LBDs with sculptural necklines and fun silhouettes

  • Lace, velvet, and textures we want to rub between our fingers

  • Unboring beige (seriously)

Start prepping. The cards have spoken. 🔮🌀


Laura Rocha-Rueda is a Colombian fashion and fiction writer based in Brooklyn who holds a Creative Writing MFA from The New School. She is your local Swiftie and will gladly chat about anything glittery and soft, and about why dismissing pop culture as frivolous is misguided and sad.

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