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EXCLUSIVE: Anti Social Social Club Re-Grounds With NASA

There's space for everyone — even in the streetwear collab world.


Tomorrow at 8 AM PT, Anti Social Social Club launches its latest line in collaboration with NASA. 

The collection features hoodies ($89), tees ($49), a hat ($89), shorts ($79), and an Alpha Industries MA-1 jacket ($225) — a true OG American military-to-mainstream garment. 

The astronautical assemblage also offers a rolling tray ($29), a notebook ($18), and a pin set ($25). In addition, ASSC x NASA brings forth the streetwear brand’s first animated short, which is being revealed in segmented releases sandwiching the drop.  

Utilizing archival images, glow-in-the-dark appliqué, and space shuttle iconography, ASSC’s collab suits the nostalgic but stands for the trailblazers. Commenting on their design process, a brand representative stated: “Inspiration for the collection came from NASA’s exemplary photo archive, as well as their iconic logo symbolizing innovation and new frontiers.”

The launch comes on the heels of the brand’s SS24 collection, an astounding capsule of branded big-ticket luxury items that included a Goyard Saint Louis PM, a pair of AirPods Max headphones, and a $29,000 Pro Hunter Rolex Submariner. A shift back to traditional streetwear archetypes, this NASA collab might just ironically be a grounding moment for ASSC. 🌀


Sophia Scorziello is a freelance writer from Connecticut (and HALOSCOPE Fashion Editor) who misses living in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter for unsolicited takes and Spotify links.


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