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EXCLUSIVE: Anti Social Social Club Is Still Undefeated

(Or, at least, is collaborating with Undefeated.)


Streetwear powerhouses Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) and UNDEFEATED are teaming up on another new collection — including tees, hoodies, hats, and more. Get excited.

The collection comes after their 2016 collab, titled Paranoid, and sees both brands updating their iconic codes for the 2020s landscape. A rep for ASSC stated: "We are excited to partner again with our friends at Undefeated, this time paying homage to our very first collaboration in 2016."

Still Paranoid sees the classic ASSC hoodie (now with "STILL PARANOID" glossed across the front) dripped in black, orange, and sand-on-sand — a buttery, subtle offering against the intensity of the drop. Additionally, the collection follows ASSC's other collaborations this past season, from Goyard to NASA to Rolex and more.

Still Paranoid drops today at 8 AM PT, with prices ranging from $49 USD to $99 USD. 🌀


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